Case Studies

Liesl van Der Merwe, Catrien Wentink and Janelize van Der Merwe, North-West University, South Africa. Keywords: Dalcroze; musicing, interaction rituals, older adults, community music, ethnography.

SPACE FOR PEACERev Prof June Boyce Tillman

I have been engaged in Interfaith dialogue since 1986. I created Space for Peace to show how dignity in the area of spirituality can be given musically.


“We who sing, pray twice” has been running for seven years, as standalone events, learning  simple sacred rounds and
chants in four-part harmony followed by silence to pray or meditate.

SEASONAL RITUALISED SINGING CELEBRATIONS– Maria Soriano. A reflection on the Wheel of the Year Events taking place in Richmond Upon Thames.

cREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART, O GODHetta Potgieter, Post-65 Research, North West University, South Africa

Stories church members and participants told about their Taizé-style service experience. Keywords: Ecumenisms, meditative, spirituality, worship, Dutch Reformed Church

BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH– Chris van Rhyn, Research Director MASARA, North West University, South Africa. Keywords: electronic composition, Emily Dickenson, mourning, Jung, ritual, musique concrete

HOPE AND TEACHING MUSIC: RITUALS OF HOME DURING DISPLACEMENT. – Waldo Weyer, Associate Professor, North-West University, South Africa. This offers a perspective on how modern society has changed the ways in which music as a phenomenon is perceived, experienced, taught, studied, and performed.

MUSICAL COMPOSITION AND MYSTICAL SPIRITUALITY– Bryan Inglis.  This book chapter in Enlivening Faith draws comparisons between aspects of mystical spirituality and compositional procedures and outputs. It discusses a number of compositions utilising spiritual intentions, processes or potential by Hildegard von Bingen, François Couperin, Arvo Pärt, Peter Maxwell Davies and Inglis himself.

PEACE CHOIR AND PEACE VIGIL– June Boyce-Tillman. “Faced with the complex time of COVID awareness, with people unable to congregate, I examined musicking technologically.”

A PATH THROUGH THE WOODS– June Boyce-Tillman. As part of the Telling Encounters conference at St Martin in the Fields in London, UK, a group of us associated with the University of Winchester, initiated a music workshop for people with disabilities.

MUSIC AND MANDALASJune Boyce Tillman (with Meta Killick and Alistair Clarkson). Combining music with a liminal/spiritual element.

FESTIVAL OF THE DEAD June Boyce Tillman. A Common Spirituality in Common Ground.