Spirituality and music education (SAME)

SAME is an international network set up in response to the growing interest in the notion and place of spirituality in music education. Led by the University of Winchester Tavener Centre for Music and Spirituality, its main aims are to:

• Establish and maintain an international community of music education academics, researchers and practitioners with a particular interest in the role of spirituality in their work;
• Provide music educators with specific tools and methods to integrate spirituality into everyday music education practice;
• Foster intercultural and interspiritual dialogue, understanding and collaboration among practitioners and researchers in the field of music education, and other relevant fields of music practices with a spiritual component;
• Promote a spiritually sensitive and informed culture in music education practice and research.

Contact SAME

For more information on SAME,  or if you would like to join the group, contact Prof. June Boyce-Tillman.