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Cultural Diversity in Music Education conference

The Cultural Diversity in Music Education (CDIME) conference has provided a platform for the exchange of practices, experiences, research and philosophies on cultural diversity in music education since 1992. In 2021, the CDIME XV international conference will be hosted by the research entity, Musical Arts in South Africa: Resources and Applications, at the North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa.

    Potchefstroom, South Africa

OCT 20


Arts Symposium:
20th October 2021

Following the success of its inaugural symposium, our arts team has developed this event into an annual symposium aiming to offer a space for sharing new emerging practices and research regarding the arts in palliative care.

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

DEC 8/12


European Music therapy Conference at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

QMU is the only music therapy training provider in Scotland. Music therapy is situated within the School of Health Sciences and the Division of Occupational Health and Arts Therapies, and over the years has attracted students from across Europe and beyond. Renowned for relevant research and knowledge exchange work which focuses on making a positive impact on society, QMU has widely recognised expertise in health and rehabilitation, as well as creativity and culture.


JUNE 8/12


The 12th European Music Therapy Conference


‘music therapy in progress: please disturb’

This conference marks the 30th anniversary of European music therapy conferences. After the first conference in 1992 which took place in Cambridge, the European conference returns to the United Kingdom. In the span of these three decades, the music therapy profession has grown significantly, and the European conference has become a prestigious triennial event. As such, it offers a unique space for developing music therapists’ professional and disciplinary identity, knowledge and expertise internationally

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)