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MAY 16/18


Spirituality, Critical Reflection and Professional Practice in an Uncertain World


Seventh International Conference of the

International Network for the Study of Spirituality

The first BASS (now INSS) conference in 2010 was entitled Spirituality in a Changing World. This was followed, in 2012, by Spirituality in a Fragmented World and, in 2014, by Spirituality in a Challenging World. The sequence of titles points to the direction of global change – and why the 2016 conference asked the question ‘Can Spirituality Transform our World?’. Revisiting those titles as we discussed what might be the most appropriate theme for the 2023 conference, we wanted to hold on to the notion of ‘transformation’ and the role of spirituality within that process, particularly within a world that seems to have changed dramatically since 2010.


South East Technological University, Waterford, Ireland

JULY 11/13


2023 Annual Conference – Take off your shoes: Hospitality & Practical Theology


BIAPT, the British & Irish Association for Practical Theology.

Our conference title, Take Off Your Shoes – Hospitality and Practical Theology, allows us to explore a theme that has come under increasing theological scrutiny in recent years. Hospitality is a universal virtue, one that is claimed by every culture, but what does it mean to welcome another into our country, home, space or personal narrative?




OCT 9/13


16th Cultural Diversity in Music Education Conference:
Ecologies and diversities

Submissions by 31st January 2021
The Cultural Diversity in Music Education (CDIME) conference has provided a platform for the exchange of practices and research related to cultural diversity in music education since 1992. In 2023 the sixteenth CDIME conference will be an in-person event, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme of the conference, ecologies and diversities, invites participants to consider diversity in music education using theories and ideas drawn from ecological thinking.


North-West University, SA