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MAY 20th


Music, Spirituality and Genre study day


Dr Mike Dines and Dr Brian Inglis, in association with the international network Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing (MSW) 

From Lady Gaga and Leonard Cohen to Arvo Pärt and Galina Ustvolskaya via John Coltrane, musicians working in various genres have notably explored spiritual themes and/or made music with spiritual intention. Music without such intentions can also be received in a spiritual context. How does spirituality manifest in musical terms through different genre lenses? How can such radically different sounds purport to have, or achieve, similar aims? To what extent can spirituality be de-coupled from religion? 

FREE ENTRY – 09:45 – 19:30 BST

Middlesex University Hendon, London (UK)




JUNE 8/12


The 12th European Music Therapy Conference


‘music therapy in progress: please disturb’

This conference marks the 30th anniversary of European music therapy conferences. After the first conference in 1992 which took place in Cambridge, the European conference returns to the United Kingdom. In the span of these three decades, the music therapy profession has grown significantly, and the European conference has become a prestigious triennial event. As such, it offers a unique space for developing music therapists’ professional and disciplinary identity, knowledge and expertise internationally

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

JULY 17/22


35th ISME World Conference 2022


35th World Conference of the International Society of Music Education! This is the first time the conference will be back in Australia in 32 years. The last time the World Conference was held in Australia was way back in 1988, in the national capital, Canberra. The conference will be held Online. 

The conference theme A Visible Voice is closely aligned with the values of the Australian Society of Music Education, and the broader musical landscape in Australia.  

The International Society for Music Education (Online)

DEC 1/3


Music and the Spiritual since the French Revolution


Following the French Revolution, as institutionalized religion generally declined in Europe and beyond, many artists turned away from rigid Christian dogma to explore horizons of spirituality aimed at enhancing the mystical component of religious experience. Works of art were seen as products of divine inspiration and music, in particular, as an object of spiritual reverence. Composers were viewed as inhabiting godly powers and listeners described music as an object of spiritual contemplation.

Accademia Musicale Chigiana – Siena , Italy