Presentations of the book ‘Heart’s Ease. Spirituality in the Music of John Tavener’

We are happy to announce two presentation events in the UK for this book on 12th November (Winchester) and 30th November (Middlesex) Our age owes Sir John Tavener deep gratitude. His works cross both cultural and disciplinary boundaries. He illustrated how to deal with intense suffering and felt deeply for the suffering of the world. READ MORE

Call for Papers -THE JOURNAL RELIGIONS Special Issue: MUSIC AND SPIRITUALITY Guest Editors The Rev Prof June Boyce-Tillman ( and Dr Stephen Roberts  Dear Colleagues, This will be a cross-disciplinary issue exploring music set in various contexts that can be seen to include a spiritual dimension, however this is defined. It will include educational, performance, ritual and healing contexts. It will examine how music READ MORE

Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing at Holy Rood House Oct 24th

Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing at Holy Rood House Oct 24th   This day will examine practically the relationships between these three starting with the components of wellbeing/eudaimonia.  It will look at the relationship between music and contemplative traditions and the role of listening in our relationship to our ancestors through the music of John Tavener who READ MORE