Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing at Holy Rood House Oct 24th

Music, Spirituality and Wellbeing at Holy Rood House Oct 24th


This day will examine practically the relationships between these three starting with the components of wellbeing/eudaimonia.  It will look at the relationship between music and contemplative traditions and the role of listening in our relationship to our ancestors through the music of John Tavener who saw the role of music as Heart Ease. There will be a session discussing the way in which people have used music/sound in the lockdown particularly in the areas of the environment, nurture, sociability  and positivity. The day will include presentations, practical activities, sharing and discussion. Participants are asked to bring with them contributions to the discussion around the pandemic which can be in a variety of forms, such as a recording (ideally either on a CD, a phone, a website,  or iPad or sent in advance as an MP3 file), a poem, an account , a story, a picture. 


Holy Rood House is a charity with a gentle Christian ethos, providing safer space for those of us who are finding life unsafe, based in Yorkshire. Check here for more information.


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